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Office Buildings

Office buildings may comprise complex structures and advanced technology. Meeting fire safety requirements within these buildings can be challenging. If you are looking for an experienced engineer that can design, install, and maintain fire alarm and suppression systems within office buildings, look no further than ASCO Fire. No office building fire protection projects are too big or too small for us to handle.

About Office Buildings

Fires within office buildings can be the unintentional results of careless acts. For example, individuals may overload the same extension cord, carelessly discarding cigarette butts into trashcans, or accidentally leaving heat-producing appliances on flammable items. In some cases, it may not be the fault of an employee in the building. Central heating units may malfunction, ignite combustibles near the heating pipes, and cause a HVAC fire.

One needs to have the right fire protection and suppression system in place to avoid thousands of dollars in fire damage or even loss of lives.

Office Buildings that Require Fire Protection Services

There are three major classes of office buildings in the United States. The classes are typically used by commercial real estate brokers and agents for categorization purposes.

  • Class A Office Buildings: These office buildings feature the latest technological systems, HVAC units, amenities, and top-of-the-line fixtures. They are often located in high-visibility locations such as a city’s central business district.
  • Class B Office Buildings: These office buildings are decent in nature. Although they lack architectural details and fixtures that are found in Class A buildings, Class B office buildings still houses fully functional facilities. These buildings are often fewer than four stories tall and located on the edge of large financial districts or suburbs.
  • Class C Office Buildings: Class C refers to office buildings that are typically more than two decades old.

Types of Fire Protection Services for Office Buildings

At ASCO Fire, we offer a wide range of fire protection products and services that are designed for office buildings, including:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Engineering Services
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting

Benefits of Fire Protection Services for Office Buildings

Seemingly harmless items in one’s office building may end up causing a deadly fire. This is a risk that no one should take. By protecting one’s office building with a comprehensive fire protection plan, he or she can keep employees, important company equipment, and the building safe from harm.

Our Expertise in Fire Protection Services for Office Buildings

ASCO Fire is a licensed and full-service fire protection company. We specialize in repairs, upgrades, maintenance, design, inspection, and retrofitting of fire protection systems in office buildings. Our team can deliver a proven fire protection solution that effectively and efficiently protects office buildings without posing any risk to personnel.

Our commercial fire protection systems also require small amounts of plain water to extinguish fires. This makes post-cleanup procedures easier to handle and minimizes business downtime. ASCO Fire’s fire suppression systems can be installed in both new office spaces and older buildings. They can provide coverage for the following areas: car parks, storage rooms, canteens, lobbies, corridors, and more.

Choose ASCO Fire for Office Building Fire Protection Services

Whether you are looking to get portable fire extinguishers or dry sprinkler systems for your office buildings, we have got your back. ASCO Fire is comprised of factory trained technicians and fully licensed engineers. We can deliver reliable and high-quality fire protection solutions that adhere to local, state, and national fire safety and prevention codes.

Contact ASCO Fire today to schedule a complimentary consultation on fire protection services for office buildings. Call 973-633-7300 or email us at to get started!

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