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Warehouse & Manufacturing

Fires can be a common occurrence in warehouses and manufacturing plants. These accidents can also be disruptive and costly due to business interruption and significant loss of stock. That’s not all. The fires can have an environmental, social, and economic impact on the local area. To prevent these events from happening, it is imperative that you install a reliable warehouse & manufacturing fire protection system. At ASCO Fire, we can help actualize these goals.

About the Warehouse & Manufacturing Industry

Between 2006 and 2010, the National Fire Protection Association found that more than 42,000 fires reportedly occurred in warehouses and manufacturing plants. This resulted in hundreds of injuries, over 20 deaths, and more than $950 million dollars’ worth of property damage.

Research has shown that structural fires in warehouses and manufacturing facilities are commonly caused by structural framing, combustible waste products, faulty electrical cables and wires, sawdust, flammable liquids and gases, etc.

Warehouse and manufacturing facility managers must ensure that their properties have adequate protection in case a fire breaks out. One can never predict these emergency events. It is imperative that one implements precautionary measures from the get-go as it is the best way to ensure the safety of one’s merchandise, customers, employees, and properties.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Businesses that Require Fire Protection Services

A great array of warehouses and manufacturing facilities handles flammable materials on a day-to-day basis. With proper precautions in place, a simple machinery fault can cause a fire to break out. Below is a quick look at various warehouses and manufacturing facilities that one should be concerned about:

  • Climate-Controlled Warehouses
  • Automated Warehouses
  • Public Warehouses
  • Private Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Electronics Manufacturing Plants
  • Nonmetallic Mineral Manufacturing Plants
  • Textile Manufacturing Plants
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Plants
  • … and more!

Types of Warehouse & Manufacturing Fire Protection Services

At ASCO Fire, we offer a wide range of fire protection products and services for warehousing and manufacturing businesses, including:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Engineering Services
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting

Benefits of Warehouse & Manufacturing Fire Protection Services

In addition to large, open spaces, exposure to toxic chemicals and flammables substances create an added danger when it comes to fighting a fire. With a fire sprinkler system in place, one can effectively contain the fire until the fire department arrives. This enables safer access for firefighters and ensure that your people can evacuate safely.

When warehouse or manufacturing business owners install automatic fire protection systems within the premises, they can achieve significant premium discounts. These are cost saving opportunities one wouldn’t want to ignore! Modern fire protection systems are very durable. If it is a properly certified system, it should last business owners up to five decades.

Ultimately, warehouse & manufacturing fire protection services give business owners greater peace of mind knowing that their facilities, goods, employees, etc. are protected against fires 24/7/365.

Our Expertise in Warehouse & Manufacturing Fire Protection Services

ASCO Fire is trained to install all types of suppression systems, portable fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire alarm components according to NFPA codes and standards. Fire protection system installation, however, is only the first step. Our team also offers design, inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

Choose ASCO Fire for Warehouse & Manufacturing Fire Protection Services

Since our inception, ASCO Fire has served much of New Jersey’s warehouse and manufacturing businesses. We are privileged to the leading choice for fire safety in these industries. Our team works tirelessly to provide optimum protection for property and life. This possible with our highly advanced and well-planned fire protection systems. What’s more, our special hazards fire suppression systems, e.g. FM-200 Clean Agent Inergen Systems and CO2 Fire Suppression Systems, do not damage items that are of high value or are irreplaceable.

Contact ASCO Fire today to schedule a complimentary consultation on warehouse & manufacturing fire protection services. Call 973-633-7300 or email us at to get started!

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